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Monday, August 9, 2010

A Girl Plus Horse, Plus A Great Blog To Read!

We're all about sending only the best horse blogs your way, and we recently came across a great one: Girl Plus Horse! Ashley, the writer of the blog, is just 23 years old, but has such a maturity about her, as well as a bright outlook on life. She is strongly dedicated to caring for her first horse, Ella, which she got in January 2010. Ella is a 12 year old Appendix, and was rescued (most likely was a victim of abuse) from Georgia. Ashley is a vibrant Auburn University alum with a degree in Finance, and she currently works in an agency of the federal government, and just loves spending time outside with Ella, as well as her family and friends!

We just love Ashley's blog posts, as they're so full of vibrancy and life. She posts on day-to-day happenings, both in her own life and with Ella. Just as the creative banner on her blog reads "The Process of Learning", Ashley and Ella are both learning more about co-existing together, and learning to love all that life has to offer. We wish Ashley and Ella only the best, and look forward to reading more posts from Girl Plus Horse!

Friday, May 14, 2010

We Love the 'For Love of a Gray Horse' Blog!

We've come across another great horse blog, the For Love Of A Gray Horse blog! As you know, it's our mission here at Horse And Wildlife Gifts to bring you only the best horse blogs out there. The online horse community is so exceptional, and we're happy to be part of it.

For Love Of A Gray Horse actually just celebrated a new baby horse in their lives! They're still deciding on a name, but the photos are just so adorable, you must have a look at their "The Baby has Arrived!!" post, and you'll see what we mean!

 The writer of this blog is a talented artist, photographer, and recently started The Tennessee Equestrian, a magazine displaying great horse products, businesses, horse traveling guide, and of course interesting articles! Be sure to also check out their sister site, Gray Horse Designs. We We're excited to hear more about these ventures, as well as see more photos of the baby horse!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Story Of The Mustang Gentling Blog

We had the pleasure recently of coming across the Mustang Gentling blog, a blog about the stories of the writer and his wife, who have adopted 27 wild horses! They love to work with horses, train them to ride, and then work to find appropriate homes for them. We're so impressed by this - it's certainly not easy to train a Mustang, however through their care and dedication, these wild horses are able to find great homes who will give them all the care and respect a Mustang deserves.

They also have a 14 year old Kiger stallion that they adopted in 1999, who is their show horse, and they've traveled quite a bit with him! The blog talks all about training Mustangs and the training approach the author of the blog and his wife take, and the great success they've seen. It's truly awe-inspiring to hear how a horse can go from living in the wild to being trained to be a successful riding horse!

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Joy Of Horses, By JennyBean79

JennyBean79, the author behind the Joy of Horses blog, describes herself as a quirky girl and an open book, and has ridden horses just about her entire life! The blog posts she crafts are so much fun to read, and we love all the great details she includes. She notes that she's horseless at the moment, but she still rides as much as she can, which is great - we see so many horse lovers who stop riding horses because of one situation or another, and we say it's always best to just keep on riding, no matter what!

 We love the Joy of Horses blog (and isn't the name of the blog just so great, too!), and we hope JennyBean79 keeps on blogging and telling us about her life, she has great insights and a positive outlook, and we know she'll have a bright future ahead of her, on and off the blogosphere!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Will "R Lil Bit of Cash" Make It To The Show Arena? We Think So!

Another great horse blog we came across is R Lil Bit of Cash, on a mission to make it back into the show ring. The author of the blog showed horses from the time she was 11 "until I had to grow up and get a real job", as she notes on her blog. After getting a job in North Carolina, she bought a horse, Lilly, and mainly did trail riding.

As you can probably guess, it didn't take her long to want to start doing shows again! Her and Lilly have been working together wonderfully, and after Lilly tore her tendon, are striving to get Lilly back to full health and onward in their journey to the ring! It's such an inspiring story - we've seen far too many people give up on their dreams in lieu of "real life", when real life is of course whatever you want to make it! We commend the author of this blog for recognizing her goal and doing what it takes to get there, that's a trait that not just anyone has. Keep it up, and we know you'll get there!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Say Hello To Lazarus!

We get to meet so many different people through both our offline and online travels, and we are happy to have recently come across the Sweet Horses Breath Blog, a blog all about the life of Lazarus the horse. Lazarus is quite the adorable horse, and we just love seeing photos of him and learning about his nature. If you've always wanted to care for your own horse but simply can't due to budget reasons or your geographic location, this is a great blog to read and get a sense of the life of a horse caretaker.

The posts on this blog are so much fun, but the photos really had our eyes glued! The photography is wonderfully done, capturing the emotion of the subjects in that moment. We hope you'll take a look and head on over to the Sweet Horse's Breath blog!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Passion For Horses: The Dressage Pony Blog

Kelly Gage, the face behind the Dressage Pony Blog, is a self-described NJ native that became a Southern transplant about 8 years ago. She has a passion for life, loves equestrian, marketing, photography, journalism, and culture. You know us - we're always wandering around online looking for awesome horse blogs, and the Dressage Pony is one of our new favorites!

We love Kelly's personality - she's fun, motivated, and just can't stand drama! Her posts are great reading for both the beginner and expert in dressage, or really anyone who loves reading about horses. Kelly's writing is clear and engaging, making us just want to continue reading and reading. We know you'll feel the same as soon as you start reading the great posts at Dressage Pony!