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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Story Of The Mustang Gentling Blog

We had the pleasure recently of coming across the Mustang Gentling blog, a blog about the stories of the writer and his wife, who have adopted 27 wild horses! They love to work with horses, train them to ride, and then work to find appropriate homes for them. We're so impressed by this - it's certainly not easy to train a Mustang, however through their care and dedication, these wild horses are able to find great homes who will give them all the care and respect a Mustang deserves.

They also have a 14 year old Kiger stallion that they adopted in 1999, who is their show horse, and they've traveled quite a bit with him! The blog talks all about training Mustangs and the training approach the author of the blog and his wife take, and the great success they've seen. It's truly awe-inspiring to hear how a horse can go from living in the wild to being trained to be a successful riding horse!

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